The largest producer of oil in Africa right now is Nigeria. In a continent that is struggling to feed most of its people, it is high time that they find different ways to expand their oil production. Nigeria’s economy is still under development, and much of the infrastructure that surrounds their current oil industry is lackluster and is need of some sort of advancement. What better way to encourage this advancement in their oil efficiency than to give them more access to their own oil to work with?

Jambon BoatsNigeria’s main exports of energy sources help to provide the entire African continent with enough fuel to manage and pursue a better future for all of them. If Nigeria gains more access to their oil reserves, either with increase in their equipment and/or better infrastructure; they will not only increase the status of their economy but also allow the other surrounding African countries to be better supported. This is all happening when Africa is being hit the hardest. Because Nigeria’s energy consumption is also high, the infrastructure needs to be supported by an international player that knows how to develop and support companies in the oil industry. This gives them a better shot at having more oil.

A Louisiana-based commercial ship supplier is working with Nigeria to fix these exact problems and give them the tools they need to expand their markets. Jambon Boats has been doing business with Nigeria to provide them with supply vessels, as well as help maintain their oil regulations and produce a better infrastructure for the companies that are extracting there. They help many countries around the world gain access to oil production and transportation, and are now on the brink of bringing Nigeria into a leading position as a larger international oil producer.