The oil & gas industry is going haywire, with the prices of gas dropping over the past 6 months, and many shifts in international trade being made due to the sudden shift in prices. The ride has been one of unpredictability, but there may soon be a future when the price of oil and gas begin to return to a sort of equilibrium. All it will take is the teamwork of the international community, and some highlight companies that are doing everything they can to support the industry.

Jambon Boats

The weakening of the U.S. dollar has given the price of oil a slight lift, as other elements of the world’s affairs, such as the conflicts in Yemen, is also pushing to raise the prices. Over the past month, oil has had a historically strong advance, although the volatility in the market for oil has been raging due to higher prices showing signs of encouraged production.

A company based out of Louisiana, Jambon Boats, has been supporting and expanding the oil & gas industry for years, and is coming to conclusions that fracking needs to be a necessary part of oil extraction, to ensure more oil and with less environmental consequences. This company provides commercial vessels to international oil corporations, and is currently under agreement to provide China’s Costco Shipyard with four 83-meter vessels, which will lead to China’s oil production to substantially increase in the ongoing race for oil competition worldwide.