Jambon Boats is proud to work with Nigeria, as the country has become a powerhouse for energy source son the African continent. Below is a description of the country’s energy exports, as described on EIA.gov:

Jambon Boats

“Nigeria exports the vast majority of its natural gas in the form of LNG, and a small amount is exported via the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) to nearby countries. The pipeline was shut down from August 2012 to July 2013 for repairs after it had been severed by a ship’s anchor in the Togolese waters. As a result, natural gas exports via WAGP fell from 29 Bcf in 2011 to 14 Bcf in 2012, but recovered to 21 Bcf in 2013, according to Cedigaz data.28 The WAGP operates at about one-third of its capacity.

Nigeria exported about 800 Bcf of LNG in 2013, ranking Nigeria among the world’s top five LNG exporters, along with QatarMalaysiaAustralia, and Indonesia.29 Estimates of Nigeria’s LNG exports vary among sources, with the BP 2014 Statistical Review of World Energy placing it at almost 800 Bcf in 2013 and the OPEC Annual Statistical Bulletin estimating it at 866 Bcf in 2013. Nigeria’s LNG exports accounted for about 7% of globally traded LNG. Japan is the largest importer of Nigerian LNG and imported 23% of the total in 2013, followed by South Korea (17%) and Spain (14%).

Trade patterns for Nigerian LNG have changed over the past few years.”