Jambon Boats is iStock_000056462174_Smalla Louisiana-based boat rental company that specializes in helping provide oil and gas companies with offshore vessels that can handle their workload and also help make their processes more efficient. As strong supporters of the oil and gas companies, they are also behind the new fracking technology that has enabled these companies to extract oil from below ground with a minimal process that involves the injection of fracking fluid into layers of the Earth’s crust as to force the oil below upwards.

It is a highly debated issue in the United States, which is why Jambon Boats endorses this technology with a few simple facts about its benefits:

Job Creation

First and foremost, the energy industry is not only one of the top creators of jobs in the United States; it is a global industry that employs hundreds of thousands of people across the planet.


The safety of fracking is often a highly-debated topic, however there has been little proof to show that fracking is particularly unsafe. Many families choose to allow fracking on their land because it makes them some extra money without affecting the safety of their land or water resources.

Energy Independence

Fracking is just one more step towards energy independence, lighting and heating the homes and businesses of Americans without the moral concern of using oil and gas from another region of the world.

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